The column of Nadija Afanasieva for European Economic and Social Commitee

“We Ukrainians have proved that our main values are human dignity and freedom, democracy and equality, rule of law and human rights. There was never any fast-track procedure for EU membership, but the situation of Ukraine is exceptional, and probably it is time to rethink the procedure.
Ukrainians are fully aware of the volume of homework they need to do to join the EU. Our strength is our motivation to build a free state and form partnerships with those who have stood by us in the hardest times” - Nadija Afanasieva, the Director of UIIP wrote for EESC.
➡️ Ukrainian civil society was transformed significantly in 2014: volunteers went to the frontline, helping IDPs and supporting injured soldiers. Our society's division over whether we should join the EU or not practically disappeared. The last opinion poll before the invasion in February 2022 showed that a significant 68% of Ukrainians were in favour of EU membership for Ukraine; support grew to 86% just after the invasion and reached 91% by the end of March - an absolute record!
This massive backing is a reaction to what EU civil society has been doing to help. The role of volunteers, who have been working from the first hours of the invasion, has been enormous. The wave of demonstrations and the huge numbers of yellow-blue flags waved across the EU were incredible. As we hid in shelters, we found strength in the photos of people all over the world supporting Ukraine.
We received a lot of help, but we need more: our army, doctors, volunteers. Ukraine needs a strategic vision of the recovery process. Common efforts of the whole democratic world to build a strong and secure state and develop innovative solutions in constructions, infrastructure organization, business and science support, capacity-building for the institutions of different levels, etc play a crucial role.
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