Joint Statement by the ministers responsible for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Ministers responsible for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region met on October 19, 2022 before the opening of the 11th Annual EUSDR Forum. The outcome of the meeting was the approval of the Joint Statement, which condemned russian military aggression against Ukraine and defined ways of further cooperation in countering new challenges and threats.
A joint statement concerned the following issues:
🔹 sustainable development of the Danube Region
🔹 unprecedented challenges for the Danube Region (energy, navigation, and food security)
🔹 deepening of the regional and cross-MRS cooperation
👉 The Joint Statement highlights the importance of sustainable regional development and cooperation between macro-regional strategies to overcome new and existing challenges and threats in the Danube region.
👉 Energy security and the European community's efforts to reduce dependence on russian fossil fuels through diversification and sources of energy supply routes were important topics of discussion.
👉 The COVID-19 pandemic and a full-scale war have demonstrated the deep interconnection of world trade routes. In these conditions, the important role that transport will contribute to the economic, social and sustainable development of the Danube region was recognized. Investments in the development and improvement of macro-regional transport infrastructure and navigation on the Danube are a common interest and priority for all countries and regions of the Danube Strategy.
👉 The Statement also mentions new and innovative approaches to the optimized development of the value chain within the entire Danube region, sustainable economic development, creation of new jobs and investments in labor markets.
🔗 The text of the Joint Ministerial Statement is available at the link: